• Energy changing your world

    Integrated and sustainable access is a requirement

  • Accelerating economic growth requires resilient energy supply

    Structured sector transformation

  • Africa needs to leap-stride towards a brighter future

    Digitization is one key enabler


Africa requires stakeholders from Africa and around the world to collaborate and partner in order to address the vast deficit to power access in a sustainable and integrated manner. Great initiatives exist that fundementally look to transform the livelyhood of many Africans. Smart Grid Incubator Africa (SGIA) is one such initiative offering a platform for digital transformation.

SGIA enables digital transformation of the energy sector in Africa, into a Smart Grid, through being the facilitator and program manager of this exciting journey. SGIA closely collaborates with Africa's Governments, Agencies, Regulators, Investment Community, Institutions and Private Sector to deliver a structured and market specific transformation.

Our Vision


Enabling a smarter and resilient energy eco-system resulting in improved sector performance benefiting Africa's people.

Investment Certainty

Providing the platform to align sector-wide investments through integration and intelligence.

Digital Deployment

Structured digital implementation aimed at improving energy services and an integrated use of all available energy sources.

Poverty Reduction

Reducing the cost of doing business in Africa and supporting energizing the informal sector resulting in economic growth.

Our team

Our passionate team are highly experienced professionals with many years experience in developing regions, especially Africa. Our team has completed many projects in the ICT, Energy and Construction industries covering all aspects from concept stage to final commissioning. With this excellent experience our team is ready to support the energy sector in Africa to digitally transform into a brighter future.......

Theo Minne Founding Partner

Entrepreneur, growth and strategy specialist and innovator with more than 24 years experience in the telecom and energy sectors in Africa and other International markets. Extensive experience in multiple disciplines, develop and manage multiple projects simultaneously from concept stage to commercial deployment. Passionate about development.

Fredrik Agerhem Partner

Seasoned commercial and corporate strategist with focus on global expansion of SME’s. A successful entrepreneur and financial executive with significant global network of relationships. Fredrik is a former Swedish diplomat with more than 15 years of international business experience from Sweden, Philippines, Poland, India and Sub-Saharan Africa.


SGIA facilitates Smart Grid incubation based on market and region specific requirements, both immediate and future, through capacity and industry development and market activation. SGIA partners with Governments, their Agencies, Regulators and Research Institutions whilst directly working with the Investment Community and Private Sector to deliver digital transformation to Africa's power sector. SGIA partners with the Private Sector to bring the best technology for a specific Smart Grid application to that market based on high-impact needs identified by SGIA and the local stakeholders. This provides a perfect platform for Private Equity and other financial institutions to partake in the transformation of the energy sector in Africa with the focus on delivering tangible benefits to the sector and Africa's people in a financially sustainable manner.

Capacity Development

Sector and strategic plan evaluation

Development programs for Government departments

Training and workshops

ICT energy policy development

Industry Development

Smart Grid maturity assessment

Smart Grid roadmap development

Pilot and research project development

Pilot and research program management

Integrated Activation

Commercial uptake planning

Investment facilitation

Program management

Program performance monitoring


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+27-12 433 6387


Registered Office: Ovre, Langsvinkelgatan 149, 254 36 Helsingborg, Sweden

Regional African Office: 570 Fehrsen street, Steven House 3rd floor, Pretoria, 0181

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